Pet Repatterning

Pet Repatterning

Sessions are individually crafted to address your pet's issues, and may be held online (typically via the Zoom platform), on the phone, or in person in Chico, CA. All sessions are highly effective regardless of whether we work together online, on the phone, or in person.

Sessions are commonly scheduled to help dogs with stress and territory issues, and cats with litter box problems, but they are useful for virtually any problem a pet is experiencing. The pet owner will proxy the pet in the session and one or more modalities will be used including color therapy, visualizations, acupressure, movement, cranial sacral, polarity contacts, and more. Muscle checking will be used to find the modalities most beneficial for your pet.  

Sessions have been found to be effective in the following cases (these are just a few examples):

  • fear of riding in cars (dogs)
  • phobias of any sort (all animals)
  • not using the litter box (cats)
  • eyes that cloud with age (dogs, clouding was reduced significantly after even 1 session)
  • spraying in unwanted places (cats)
  • wildfire recovery

Sessions are great for all pets, but particularly for animals with trauma. Resonance Repatterning is an amazing technique for healing trauma around painful past experiences to help your pet relax and feel safe again.