Resonance Repatterning for Pets

Help with aggression, anxiety, spraying, litter box issues, excellent for trauma

Helping dogs, cats, horses, and their owners since 2016

About Us

Leigh Ann Lipscomb is certified in Resonance Repatterning. She has an energy work practice in northern California and works with people and their pets from all over the world.  She is deeply intuitive and has helped pets with a number of issues including anxiety, aggression, litter box issues, and much more. Her science background allows for a full understanding of energy work at the scientific level. Her style is knowledgable and competent, yet gentle and reassuring. She works with pet owners in person, on the phone, or online as they proxy their pet for healing.

Our Services

Pet Repatterning

1 to 2 hour healing sessions that to help your pet feel great. Great for any problem. Pet owner to proxy pet in online or phone session, or in person. Common modalities include acupressure, color and light, sound, movement and visualizations.

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Applied Kinesiology

Identify and correct nutritional deficiencies that contribute to your pet's health problems.

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People Repatterning

People Repatterning
Leigh Ann also works with people! For information related to people repatterning, please see ​​​​

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Please complete this form at least 2 days prior to your pet's session. Answer the questions thoroughly, as this will help us help your pet. If you simply wish to contact us for additional information, use the 'Contact us for more information' form above.

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Small Pet Repatterning (under 20 lbs)

  • Pet owner to proxy pet for a healing session (pets under 20 lbs) - in person, online, or on the phone

Pet Repatterning - All Butte County Residents - 2019 Camp Fire Recovery Rate

  • Pet owner to proxy pet for a healing session. In person, online, or on Skype